“Yuyutsu” the 101 Kaurav who survived the war!!

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Let’s talk about the untold story of 101 Kaurav “Yuyutsu” who survived the war between pandavas and kauravas.


Contrary to belief  Dritrashtra had more than 100 children ,other than 100 kauravas  he had a daughter “Dushala” and half brother “Yuyutsu”.The Half brother to other’s kuru brothers.

When  Gandhari was unable to give birt to his first child, the fear driven Dhritarashtra produced a child with  Gandhaari’s daasi named Sugadha, Yuyutsu was born.

He was born on the same day as his other 100 Kuru brothers and a sister Dushala.

Yuyutsu was different from 100 kauravas he was aware of the evil practices of Duryodhana,he didn’t supported him and followed the right path.

In Mahabharata both(pandavas and kauravas) sides was given absolute freedom to choose their sides.

Yuyutsu became the the informant for pandavas and even saved bhima’s life.

He provided pandavas about duryodhana cunning and evil  plan’s.

One  way he helped them definitely has to be of saving Bhima’s life. One of the many Duryodhana’s evil plans included poisoning of water to kill Bhima,a plan that didn’t work out, thanks to him alarming the Pandavas about it.

He had the ability to fight with 60000 warriors at a time ,but he didnt supported kauravas and fought the war from Pandavas’s side.

He became the supervisor for hastinapur ,after yudhisthir became king.

He was amongst the 11 who survived the war


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