What If Humans Had Tails?

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We still don’t know whether we belong to this earth or are extra terrestrial beings. If we aren’t extra terrestrial being where are our tails? And what if humans had┬átails.

Body Balance

Tails would have played a very vital role in how humans would have maintained their balance. Longer the tail more the effort in maintaining the balance. As our center of mass will shift more outwards.

Sports & Hand to Hand Combat

Sports would have been very different and difficult. Hand to hand combat techniques will also differ. You can’t approach anyone stealthily from behind because they have a tail. Anyone can give us serious injury by pressing our tail or detaching it or cutting it. Cutting or detaching off the tail would have been a historic torturing technique. Tail can also be used as a weapon, as extra hand or leg.

Sexualization of Tail

Tail length and girth would have been major factor in how males are perceived. The internet will be full of advertisements about tail enhancement techniques. There will be serious debate about whether females should be allowed to expose their tails or not. Females will be blamed for exposing their tails for their harassment.

The Tail Communication

We will have a new way of communicating, with our tails. Playing with the tail will be signal of interest like we do know with our hairs. New gestures, like tail down as a symbol of respect. Tail up to show alertness and aggressiveness. Tail in tail would be same as hand in hand.

Fashion & Daily Usage Items

Exposing the tail or covering it on the basis of culture, tradition & climate. Another hole in our clothes. Holes in our chairs, sofas, car seats, etc. for our tail. Getting our tail shaved in different ways.

And finally if we had tails we wouldn’t have been called humans we would have been known as Saiyans.

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