Marghat Wale Baba

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Marghat Wale Baba

Marghat Wale Baba Temple is situated at Jamuna Bazar, Delhi. This temple is situated near Nigam Bodh Ghat and the river Yamuna. It is known that this temple was thier even before the time of Pandavas. It’s a historic temple and have a very impressive history behind which goes back to the time of Ramayana.

History of The Temple

It is said that during the time of Ram and Ravan’s fight, Lakshman was hit by a poisonous arrow. And the medicine which can cancel it was available only in specific region of Himalayas. So, Hanuman flew away in search of it, on reaching there he got confused and decided to carry the whole mountain. On his return to Lanka, he rested at this place. It’s said that when he arrived here there was a Shamshan Ghat, where people are cremated after there death. When he landed here all the evil spirits around the area fled and the land became pure. This was so because Hanuman was pure from heart, just like an innocent child, and is very powerful, as he is blessed by every God. After this incident a stone image, or Pindi, emerged from ground itself and since then we worship it as Marghat Wale Baba.

Some Interesting Facts About Marghat Wale Baba

During the monsoon when Yamuna is at her full flow, the chamber in which Hanuman’s Pindi is present is filled by water. It was believed that it’s Yamuna’s water as Yamuna herself comes for darshan of Lord Hanuman. But as Yamuna and the temple are quite a distance apart, scientist didn’t believed. After the tests were conducted it was found that the water was really of river Yamuna.

Now the question was, how the water gets here. And the amazing thing about this is no one was able to tell this.

That Shamshan Ghat is still there and is known as Nigam Bodh Ghat.

How to Get There

Nearest Metro stations are Kashmiri Gate and Chandni Chowk, from there you have to reach Yamuna Bazar Bus Stand. For that you can take a three wheeler, E-Rickshaw, or a Bus.


Temple opens at 5:30 AM and closes at 11:00 AM and in evening after 4:00 PM till 10:00 PM.

Lord Hanuman Carrying Draundgiri Mountain
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