Interesting fact about Karna “The Greatest warrior of all time”.

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Interesting fact about Suryaputra Karna  “The Greatest warrior of all time”.

Some Intresting Facts about Suryaputra Karna (Eldest Pandav) and the Greates warrior of all time.

1)Karna was born to “Princess  Kunti” as a result of divine virgin birth’ as a blessing of Sun God.

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2.Frightened virgin princess Kunti decided to let go of her first child and flew him down the river in a basket.

3.He was adopted by Adhiratha and Radha.Adhiratha was charioteer of pitamah Bheesma.

4.Adhiratha didn’t allow Karna to Practice archery,as archery was only meant to be practised by the Kshatriyas.

5.Guru Dronacharya Refused him to train him due to his low social status.

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6.He become discipline of Lord parsuram after he fooled into believing that he was a Brahmin.  

7.Lord parsuram cursed him that he will he lose all his knowledge of archery when he will require the most,when he came to knew that karna lied.

8. Karna was again curned by a brahmin that “wheels of his chariot will get stuck in his mud ,when he will require most .,when he accidently killed  a cow.

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9.Knowing about the great  dilemma Karna was in for having sworn allegiance to Duryodhana, his father Adhiratha advised him to absolve himself of sins by donating his wealth and belongings to the needy.

10. He tried to invoke Brahmastra(the ultimate weapon) on Arjun during the war but wasn’t able to invoke,it was this moment when parsuram curse came upon.

11 He was born with protective gear given by Lord sun which was unreakable.

12.Before the war ,Indra(spiritual father of arjun) came to karna as a brahmin and demanded the proctective shield from Karna.Even though he was well aware of  plan, he still decided to rip apart the divine vest & earrings and hand them over to Indra.

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13.Impressed with Donor’s generosity Indra handed him amogh shakti(a weapon which won’t miss his target).

14.On Duryodhan advice he decided to use amogh shakti on arjun on 11th day,but he used amogh shakti on Ghatotkach(Son of Bheema) when attacked kauravas in the night.

15.When Lord Krishna revealed the truth about his birth to Karna, and asked him to join the Pandava camp – it was Karna who had requested him to keep all this secret from his brothers.

16. Danveer Karna told Kunti he will only kill Arjun and no one else  when she requested him not to kill his brothers.

17.Vrushali (Wife of Karna) committed Sati on the funeral pyre of Karna.

18.Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple in South India was built by Arjuna to absolve himself of his sin of killing an unarmed Karna.

19.He is known as the greatest warrior of all time.

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