Why does Balochistan want freedom from Pakistan?

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The story of Balochistan….


Balochistan acquires a major proportion of pakistan nearly 46% largely dominated by punjabi muslims ,but yet very less development has been taken place in Balochistan.

It was a  separate  country when india got it’s freedom from british rule .

As soon as india got independence partition of india pakistan followed ,the pakistani militia attacked India but were severely beaten and were  sent to pakistan.

This retreating army was gudided by pakistani generals to acquire Balochistan.

The time when Pakistan invaded balochistan ,It acquired their lower level and upper level of their Parliament which clearly shows that Balochistan was  on the way to  become a clear democratic nation rather than a islamic state.

After Pakistan acquired the Balochistan ,supression of the local people was started by Pakistani General .

Firsty their were not allowed to speak their local language (Baloch) ,Urdu was forciby imposed on them.

Second the cultural harassment of the baloch people by the pakistani army.

A particular viewpoint of islam was being  forcibly imposed on the baloch people which they resisted ,since they love their own culture and heritage.

According to some people there was a hindu temple in baluchistan  which is still protected by the balochis from pakistani army as a symbol of their cultural heritsge.

The problem continued further more..

The Pakistani govt. gave free right’s  to the army to carry out suppresion of Baloch people in form rapes, lootings ,kidnappings etc as the carried out in Bangladesh.

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The started bribing senior Baloch leaders who continued to become rich but most of them remained poor.

The Balochi people has faced a lot of discrimination by the govt,law agencies ,police so they were forced to pick up the arms and weapons in order to show resurgency against the pakistani rule.

Every day people more than 500 people are being are being killed by the pakistani army and many more tortured and sre mising.

The sad part countr’s like USA are have not paid a single attention to this.

WIll Balochistan can get freedom from pakistan?

It’s not the year 1971 , where India invade Pakistani territory and break it into two parts.

As it has previously done with Bangladesh

Freedom of Baluchistan from Pakistani rule highly depends upon Indian intervention which is not possible  done directly.

It requires planninig and execution whose  focus on destabilization of pskistani rule, Isolation and Financial problems of Pakistani economic situation where it becomes highly impossible for Pakistan to maintain Baluchistan.

India need worlds intervention into Baluchistan as this is a huge task.

India should create very aggressive and smart foreign policy for this to attract worlds attention towards Baluchistan. The chances of liberating Baluchistan by war is very less.

their are many other problems also-

  • Pashtoons and Baloch are 2 major ethnic groups in Balochistan.Pashtoons constitute almost 52% of population whereas Balochs are at 48%. Pashtoons never suuported Balochs for freedom,therefore they have no majority support for their cause.

-Lack of international support of Baloch freedom struggle.  

That because an independent Balochistan would result in more violence and destabilization.

-Balochistan is a large, sactterly-populated area.

Chances are less but nothing can be predicted!!


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